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Upcoming Pike County Health Department Project

This venerable building was originally a Howard Brothers store way back in the day, though the Pike County Health Department has been in the space […]

Kramer Roof

The July 23rd, 2017 partial collapse of the upper floors of the 97-year-old Kramer Roof Building in downtown McComb left a hole in the heart […]

Corner Market

Cox Architecture is proud to be coordinating the restoration of the Delaware Plaza Shopping Center including the renovation to the old Kroger location  for the […]

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About Cox Architecture


Born out of the the merger of two firms, Ragland Watkins and Steve Cox joined forces in 1988 to create the firm of Watkins & Cox (now Cox Architecture, P. A.)  Our history begins in 1957 when Mr. Watkins began his firm in McComb, Mississippi.  Mr. Cox opened his practice in 1984 after having been employed by Mr. Watkins.  We worked together on projects in the area through December of 1994, at which time Mr. Watkins retired.  In 2007, the firm name was changed to Cox Architecture, P.A.  Since 1994, Steve Cox has led the firm and has been involved in many projects ranging from multi-million dollar facilities to much smaller works.


The essence of architecture is the physical expression of the owner’s dreams and ideas which blends the art and technology of building construction within a dynamic setting.  Each project is a unique design solution in response to the criteria of economics, building program requirements, image and environment; and as such creates an impression relative to the quality of that response.  The success of architecture as an appropriate solution to the stated criteria must ultimately be measured by that impression over time.


The building is a complex organization of systems including spaces for human habitation, spaces for mechanical equipment, spaces for the interface of human and mechanical systems, interior and exterior spaces, mechanical and electrical systems, systems of communications, etc.  Many elements must be considered during the process of building design; image and aestetic considerations, environmental control- heat, light, air, water- life safety (building code), construction materials and methods, bidding climate and local/ regional construction methodology, hazardous materials, initial costs and operating costs; and our task is to assist our clients in defining their building needs in terms of these constituents and in creating the optimum design which best satisfies these needs.